Bicycle garages

Bicycle garages or BikeBoxes from WSM made of robust sheet steel offer bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes optimal protection from rain, theft or vandalism.

Bicycle garages

Bicycles are becoming increasingly high-quality and expensive. The German bicycle industry calculates an average purchase price of almost 1,300 euros. Anyone who owns a high-quality bicycle, e-bike or pedelec wants it to be securely parked at home, at work or on a cycling holiday, especially overnight. Even the bike you love deserves to be protected in the best possible way, regardless of the value. WSM has the solution!

Bicycle Parking Systems

When mobility takes a break. Space-saving bicycle racks for industry, commerce and public spaces. Ready for delivery in 24 hours.

Safety and comfort anywhere

Companies, recreational facilities, guesthouses, hotels, campsites and all other bike destinations can offer comprehensive protection for bicycles. In a WSM bicycle garage or BikeBox made of robust sheet steel, parking bicycles of all types and price ranges is easy, secure and comfortable. Not only can they can be easily placed anywhere, one can also charge batteries inside.

All-round protection

A bike in a BikeBox isn´t easy to tamper with: made of robust sheet steel, bicycle garages or BikeBoxes from WSM offer bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes perfect protection against theft or vandalism. From wind and rain, too, of course.

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Bicycle garages – all-round protection

Bicycle garages

BikeBoxes from WSM offer comprehensive protection for bicycles of all kinds: against wind and weather, theft and vandalism. They feature sturdy design, particularly robust, corrosion-protected sheet steel and a special security lock.

Perfect protection for your bike

  • For every application

    The modular design of WSM's bicycle garages allows the replacement of individual parts and enables expansion to row systems of any size – whether a single garage or bicycle park up to an expansive Park & Ride facility.

  • Built-in security

    The parked bicycles are protected from unauthorised access by a standard single-lever handle cylinder lock with 3-point locking system.

  • Easy parking

    Practical roll-in rails make it easier for you and your visitors, guests or customers to push in and park bicycles of different sizes and designs.

  • Recharge here

    Recharge when needed: foldable shelves for chargers and power distribution boxes for charging e-bikes and pedelecs are available from WSM as an option.

  • Withstand wind and weather for ages

    Quality in metal: the solidly manufactured, hot-dip galvanised steel construction of our bicycle garages and a high-quality, environmentally friendly paint finish don´t give corrosion a chance.

  • Large installations possible

    If a larger facility is needed, this is no problem! WSM bicycle shelters can be effortlessly combined with one another to form expansive systems.


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