Ein Werbefahrradständer erlaubt nicht nur Ihren Kunden und Besuchern ihr Fahrrad abzustellen. Gleichzeitig können Sie Werbung in eigener Sache machen.

On the way to advertising

The study is no longer quite fresh, but it should still be relevant: 90 percent of Germans are on the move in public spaces every day – the market research institute infas had already found this out in 2008 on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. There is little to suggest that the trend toward everyday mobility has abated or even reversed in the meantime. For advertisers, this means they need to reach their target groups on the go.

Target group pedestrians

There are plenty of opportunities for this. Pedestrian zones, bus and train stops are attractive touchpoints where routes cross and pedestrians stay longer, increasing the number and duration of contacts and thus the potential advertising impact. The rest is done by facades, large-format billboards and displays at intersections and on roadsides, interiors at train stations, or even in retail stores or restaurants. Outdoor advertising or out-of-home communication thus becomes ubiquitous.

Even in the age of digitalization with digital TV, smartphones and tablet PCs, it is hard to escape it, and what one person may regret may be part of what others have long been accustomed to, especially in urban areas. Anyone who advertises faces the challenge of attracting as much attention as possible to themselves and their offering, while cleverly spreading their communications budget between online and offline, at home and out. Specialized agencies help with the selection of media and locations.

Cheap outdoor advertising

Those who can do without large-format facade advertising or the blanket coverage of advertising pillars, or who do not want to incur the usually considerable costs for this, can show public presence with displays and advertising spaces at bus stops in the same way as, for example, with an advertising bicycle stand and showcases.

Citylight displays can be placed anywhere the owner of a property agrees, and attract attention even in the dark (see also our article – Article 10). Advertising spaces at bus stops are usually already managed, but if this should be an obstacle: it never hurts to ask the operators. As the infas study cited at the beginning of this article showed, public transportation is becoming increasingly popular among younger target groups in particular. This makes stops particularly high-contact touchpoints.

The cheapest and easiest to realize outdoor advertising can be made with the advertising bike stand and showcases in front of your own premises. With both, the advertising effect can be seen, and for little money.

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