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Bicycle shelters

Had enough of googling: find out more about the bicycle shelter you've been looking for all along. For almost 60 years, WSM has been the specialist when it comes to roofing bicycle parking spaces and bicycle parking facilities.

More safety

All cyclists want protection, comfort and safety, and this includes covered parking spaces. Our bicycle shelters protect bike and rider from wind and weather. Combined with hoop parkers, they also offer additional theft protection.

More individuality

One often has a clear idea of one´s dream shelter in mind. With it wide variety of models, WSM strives to meet your ideal as closely as possible. Whether flat roof, pent roof or arched roof – everything is possible. Including your favourite colour.

More quality

High-quality materials and first-class manufacturing quality are indispensable for outdoor use – and a matter of course for WSM bicycle shelters. As if that wasn´t enough – our practical type statics for individual models make your life even easier.

A convincing offer

The WSM bike shelter - experience for yourself!

Our bike shelters

Cycling is "in", and riding a bike in the city and in the countryside is becoming increasingly popular, not just among students. What isn´t popular is having to park one´s bike or e-bike in the open air and thus expose it to snow and rain. WSM bicycle shelters put an end to this and offer employees, customers, visitors, students or public transport users the desired level of comfort: weather protection and, if the shelter is combined with a bicycle parking system, also increased protection against theft.

In cooperation with the ADFC

WSM has been promoting cycling for years and, among other activities, works closely together in association with the German Cyclists’ Association (ADFC). That's why we know what customers expect from a successful shelter for their bike. And we know how to implement those expectations. We pay meticulous attention to the quality, design and applicability of the individual shelter. Our customers´ satisfaction stands in the foreground.

For those who have to count every cent: WSM offers public and private passenger transport companies, schools, local authorities, cities, municipalities, hospitals or sports venues solutions that combine high quality with cost-effectiveness. The professional delivery and installation by WSM itself ensures that your bicycle shelters quickly reach their desired location and are set up in no time with the least possible traffic disruption.

As public buildings, depending on the building regulations, shelters require proof of stability certification for wind and snow loads. WSM has already taken care of that for you. With our practical type statics calculations you save the time and costs otherwise required for testing and approval. We support planners and architects in the bidding process and offer customers all products and services from a single source – short delivery times and in-house assembly teams included.

Did you know: WSM uses a particularly environmentally-friendly process for pre-cleaning and painting. Experience for yourself!

Daniel Letunowsky

Whether mountain bike, road bike or cargo bike: We offer our customers the right shelter for every two-wheeler. Customers appreciate the wide range and flexibility in customising some models. Combined with one of WSM's many bike parking systems, it's the perfect parking solution for your bike.

Daniel Letunowsky
Customer Advisory Shelter and Bicylce Parking Systems

Strong brands. Loyal customers.

WSM already has more than half of all DAX-listed corporations as regular customers. For years, the company from Waldbröl has successfully provided them with flexible room systems for indoor and outdoor use, smoking shelters, showcases and much more. Shelters and bicycle parking systems by WSM are also very popular with well-known brands.

A convincing offer

The WSM bike shelter - experience for yourself!