Public transport shelters

WSM public transport shelters not only protect against wind and rain – they also offer comfort, safety, an appealing design, flexibility and environmental protection.

Public transport shelters

Experts agree that Germany needs a massive expansion of its public transport system if it is to meet the agreed climate protection targets. Efficient public transportation, in turn, requires a modern, up-to-date infrastructure, which also includes public transport shelters at stops. Acceptance of public transport compared to private motorised transport can be increased if they are designed to be barrier-free, comfortable and safe.

Shelter Systems

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New standard

Seating, waste collection bins, lighting, an attractive design and, last but not least, accessibility: these are the things bus and tram stops should offer their passengers. Public transport shelters are barrier-free if they meet at least the requirements of DIN 18040-3.

Harmonious in all variants

WSM offers a wide range of public transport shelters: models with simple and elegant flat roofs, nostalgic gable roofs or sweeping arched roofs. There's also variety in the choice of colours – you can adapt them to your taste or to the corporate design of your company or municipality. In this way, your public transport shelters effortlessly adapt to their surroundings and support existing structural concepts or specifications.

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Public transport shelters: making waiting fun!

Bus or tram/train stop shelters not only provide protection from wind and rain: comfort, safety, an appealing design, flexibility and environmental protection also play significant roles. Solidly manufactured steel structures, with pre-tested type statics if required, high-quality, environmentally friendly coating, integrated rainwater drainage – these are the features of all waiting shelters from WSM. Systems with protected interior and access doors can also be realised. Printable single-pane safety glass or other materials are available for the rear and side walls. You also simultaneously have the opportunity to contribute to urban environmental protection with easy-care greened roof models from WSM.

How solid bus shelters score

  • For every application

    Numerous models from WSM in different variants and sizes are suitable as bus or tram stops and other passenger shelters.

  • Built-in comfort

    Benches made of metal or wood, waste bins and clever lighting systems ensure a high level of comfort. On request, WSM can also provide you with all-round protected interiors.

  • Withstand wind and weather for ages

    Quality in metal: solidly manufactured, hot-dip galvanised steel structures additionally protected with high-quality, environmentally friendly paint in min. C4 medium quality preserve the value of your investment.

  • Always tight

    The integrated rainwater drainage of our public transport shelters ensures that nothing drips or runs the wrong way.

  • Save time and money with pre-approved safety

    Some of our models are also available with pre-approved type statics, so you save a lot of time and especially money with WSM!

  • Getting your passenger shelter on the ground running

    It couldn't be easier: we deliver and install your new WSM public transport shelter, or you can choose to install it yourself.


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