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Smoker shelters

Non-smoker protection has arrived in industry. WSM smoker shelters protect smokers and non-smokers alike and ensure clear demarcation.

More protection

Smoking canopies and smoking shelters increase the acceptance of workplace or official smoking bans. This ensures safety and protects non-smokers. Simultaneously, smokers are not left standing in the rain.

More individuality

Pretty (and) practical: All shelters can be designed to match your company´s corporate design. Model, design, size, colour, material, glass printing and lighting are freely selectable.

More quality

High-quality materials and first-class production quality are indispensable for outdoor use ¬– and a matter of course for WSM smoker shelters. As if that wasn´t enough – our practical type statics for individual models make your life even easier.

A convincing offer

The WSM smoker shelter - experience for yourself!

Our smoker shelters

Smokers' canopies and smokers' shelters are not a luxury but provide clear demarcation for companies, government agencies, hospitals, in front of train stations, sports facilities and other places where staff, visitors or customers reside: only here is smoking is allowed.

Extensive design options

An attractive design, including one conforming to individual CI specifications, high-quality materials and a visibly long service life makes the smokers´ stay a pleasant one. Canopies with side walls provide protection in inclement weather and provide shade in midsummer. Thus, smoking bans, both in the context of legal nonsmoker protection and workplace regulations, are better accepted and complied with. Commercial and traffic areas remain clean.

The different interests of non-smokers and smokers are visibly taken into account in comfortable smoker shelters; a plus for company interaction. Functionally and legally required safety regulations, including those which must be observed by visitors and other third parties, for example in hazardous material processing chemical companies, can be more easily implemented deploying smoker shelters and smoking cabins. Intended use can be clearly signaled using optional glass printing.

From the simple smoking canopy to the completely enclosed smoking hall with seating, ash trays and lockable entrance, we offer all products and services from a single source – short delivery times and in-house assembly teams included.

Did you know: WSM uses a particularly environmentally-friendly process for pre-cleaning and painting. Experience for yourself!

Christian Mortsiefer

Smokers always feel comfortable in our shelters. One has the option of a lockable entrance, a bench or clever extras such as an ashtray attached to the shelter itself. The customer has the choice; not only in terms of outfitting, but also in colour, size and much more. You´ll not find more custom solutions anywhere in steel construction.

Christian Mortsiefer
Sales Manager Shelter and Bicycle Parking Systems
Authorized Signatory

Strong brands. Loyal customers.

WSM already has more than half of all DAX-listed corporations as regular customers. For years, the company from Waldbröl has successfully provided them with flexible room systems for indoor and outdoor use, smoking shelters, showcases and much more. Shelters and bicycle parking systems by WSM are also very popular with well-known brands.

A convincing offer

The WSM smoker shelter - experience for yourself!