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Storage area shelters

Storage areas for operating supplies, recyclables and other goods should be covered where possible. WSM storage place shelters are of extremely high quality and can be custom-made.

More protection

WSM storage shelters constantly protect your material against weather-related damage. Unplanned costs for possible new purchases of damaged materials are thus avoided.

More individuality

Our shelters can be made according to customer requirements. You don´t need to adapt the material to the shelter, we adapt the shelter to your material.

More quality

High-quality materials and first-class production quality are indispensable for outdoor use – and a matter of course for WSM storage area shelters. As if that wasn´t enough – our expertise consulting makes your life even easier.

A convincing offer

The WSM storage area shelters - experience for yourself!

Our storage area shelters

You see them again and again, even where they´re not expected: abandoned dumps, in which not only harmless waste is stored, under the open sky. For industrial companies, warehouse keepers and maintenance staff, the same applies: material also needs a roof over its head. Dry storage preserves the service life and value of the stored goods and protects against unwanted pollution of traffic areas, soils or even ground and drinking water. With our shelters and sheds for industry, business, craft and trade, we offer the appropriate economical alternative to abandoned dumps or elaborate structures.

The versatility of our storage place shelters of solid and carefully welded metal frames in typical WSM quality leaves nothing to be desired. Walls and doors can be customised and added, for example, as visual and access protection, or to give wind, snow and rain even less of an opportunity. You choose the colours, appearance and locking systems.

Protect your precious material, such as operating supplies, recyclable materials, fuel tanks, appropriate chemicals, cardboard, equipment or other goods and integrate your storage space shelter in your corporate design when wished. Whatever you´d like to store intermediately, to free up space for example, need not be hid, but can be protected effectively!

WSM storage space shelters, material canopies, equipment sheds and recyclable enclosures are characterised by the highest degree of quality and customising. They are available in many interesting variants, as ready-to-install kits or prefabricated, including expert assembly.

Did you know: WSM uses a particularly environmentally-friendly process for pre-cleaning and painting its products. Experience for yourself!

Andreas Hombach

Our storage shelters are the right solution for anyone who wants to cover or keep valuable materials, work supplies and equipment well protected. We offer our customers sheds and shelters that also look good. Whether flat roof or pent roof – WSM protects what is important to you. In the process, we don´t lose sight of functionality, on the contrary: we focus on it.

Andreas Hombach
Sales Manager Key Account and
Future Technologies / E-Mobility

Strong brands. Loyal customers.

WSM already has more than half of all DAX-listed corporations as regular customers. For years, the company from Waldbröl has successfully provided them with flexible room systems for indoor and outdoor use, smoking shelters, showcases and much more. Shelters and bicycle parking systems by WSM are also very popular with well-known brands.

A convincing offer

The WSM storage area shelters - experience for yourself!