Bicycle covers

Bike canopies and bike shelters from WSM support the healthy and environmentally friendly everyday mobility of employees, customers and visitors.

Rethinking parking

Car parking for employees, customers or visitors - that was a matter of course for a long time. In contrast, those who biked to work, to shop, or to visit an institution felt second-class treatment. But times have changed: More and more people are using bicycles as a healthy and unbeatably environmentally friendly means of transportation to get to work or run other errands. WSM bicycle roofs and bicycle shelters provide support.


Vom fairen und detaillierten Angebot bis zur pünktlichen und punktgenauen Entladung - wir kümmern uns darum!

Double protection

Covered bicycle parking facilities from WSM make the switch to bicycles more attractive - they protect simple as well as high-quality bikes from rain and sun and make parking more pleasant in any weather. It's good to be able to plug in your city or mountain bike to protect it from theft and not have to park it and leave it out in the rain. A WSM bicycle canopy or shelter always provides double protection.

Always suitable and individual

Whether small or large: WSM offers the right solution! Carefully crafted steel structures and high-quality, environmentally friendly paint finishes to match the corporate design are standard for us.

Our selection in the field of bicycle shelters

Scalable for any size

Numerous models in different variants and sizes fit existing parking or storage systems or those also available from WSM and guarantee easy scalability: from small systems to large bicycle parks. The weather protection can be further improved with rear and side walls.

Bicycle canopies - more than well thought out

  • For every application

    Numerous models in different variants and sizes are suitable for private properties, residential complexes, companies, government agencies, hospitals, recreational facilities or shopping centers.

  • Rich in variants

    Flat roof, arched roof, corrugated sheet or gable roof - WSM offers bicycle roofing suitable for every taste and architectural environment.

  • Hold a lot for a long time

    Quality in metal: Solidly manufactured, hot-dip galvanized steel structures and a high-quality, environmentally friendly paint finish in mind. C4 medium quality maintain the value of your investment.

  • Shelters grow with

    If you ever need a larger plant - no problem! WSM bicycle canopies and bicycle shelters can be effortlessly combined to form large-scale systems.

  • With safety favorable

    Some WSM models are also available with pre-checked type statics, which saves you a lot of time and above all money!

  • Quick to the point

    It couldn't be easier: WSM's new bike canopy arrives in no time, is quickly erected and fixed to the ground.

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We recommend these bike covers



Hot-dip galvanized flat roof steel construction with weatherproof trapezoidal sheet metal roof in variable sizes, selectable side walls and pre-tested type statics.



Solid construction with hot-dip galvanized steel frame and high quality polycarbonate as Shelter system for bicycle parking. Supplied as a kit.



Corrosion-protected, individually manufactured steel structure with gable roof in longitudinal/transverse direction made of laminated safety glass and variable side elements.



The sleek and modern design of the Shelter systems “Passau” was developed to create an attractive focal point in the modern cityscape.



Standardized basic monopitch roof system with weatherproof trapezoidal sheet metal roof in variable sizes, with selectable side walls and extension options. Kit for dowelling.