State Building Code Hesse

Hessian Building Code (HBO) 2018 §§ 52; 81

Extract from the parking place regulations

§ 52 Garages, parking spaces for motor vehicles, parking places for bicycles

(1) The municipalities shall determine, taking into account the local traffic conditions, whether and to what extent suitable parking spaces for motor vehicles, including for motor vehicles of persons with disabilities, must be provided when constructing, modifying or changing the use of facilities where incoming or outgoing traffic is to be expected, in order to meet the requirements of stationary traffic (necessary parking spaces).

(4) Up to one quarter of the necessary parking spaces may be replaced by parking spaces for bicycles. In this respect, four parking spaces for bicycles shall be created from one necessary motor vehicle parking space; half of these shall be counted towards the obligation under subsection 5. (...)

(5) When constructing facilities, suitable parking spaces for bicycles shall be provided in such number that they are sufficient for the proper use of the facilities (necessary parking spaces). This shall apply mutatis mutandis to the additional need for bicycle parking places triggered by changes or changes in the use of facilities. The parking spaces for bicycles must be accessible without thresholds. If no deviating regulation is made by statute of the municipality, necessary parking spaces must correspond in design, size and number to a legal regulation according to § 89 para. 1 sentence 1 No. 3. Par. 2 applies accordingly to the statutes of the municipality.

Summary: Determination by municipalities. Criteria: Requirements of stationary traffic, sufficient for the proper use of the facilities.


If a municipality makes use of the statutory authorisation pursuant to sentence 1 nos. 1 to 3, it shall specify in the statutes the location as well as the size, number and nature of the necessary parking spaces, taking into account the type and number of existing and expected vehicles of the persons who permanently use or visit the facilities. The municipality may, if a statute pursuant to sentence 1 nos. 1 to 3 for parking spaces does not exist, require the construction of parking spaces in individual cases if this is necessary due to safety or ease of traffic. In a statute pursuant to sentence 1 no. 7, the municipality may specify in more detail the preconditions for replacement.


§ 91 HBO – Local building regulations

1) The municipalities may issue regulations by statute on the equipping, design, size and number of parking spaces for motor vehicles and parking places for bicycles.

Status: 08/25/2018

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