State Building Code Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony Building Code (NBauO) from 3 April 2012, § 48

Extract from the parking place regulations

§ 48 Bicycle parking facilities

(1) For building structures that are expected to have incoming and outgoing bicycle traffic, with the exception of apartments, bicycle parking facilities must be provided of such size that they can accommodate the existing or expected bicycles of the permanent users and visitors to the structures. Bicycle parking facilities pursuant to sentence 1 must be easily and readily accessible.

Summary: General obligation to install easily and readily accessible bicycle parking facilities for structural facilities that are expected to have incoming and outgoing bicycle traffic. This excludes residences. Strong consideration of extraordinary difficulties that stand in the way of construction.


§ 48 Bicycle parking facilities

(2) Bicycle parking facilities need not be erected for visitors to the facilities if this is not possible or is possible on the building site only with exceptional difficulty.


§ 84 Local building regulations

(1) Municipalities may issue local building regulations on 3. bicycle parking facilities in accordance with § 48(1) sentence 1.

Status: 04/03/2012

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