State Building Code Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

State Building Code of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (LBauO M-V)
in the version of the announcement from 15 October 2015, § 49; 86

Extract from the parking place regulations

§ 49 Parking spaces, garages and parking places for bicycles

(1) The necessary parking spaces and garages as well as parking places for bicycles (§ 86 (1) no. 4) shall be constructed on the building plot or at a reasonable distance therefrom on a suitable plot of land, the use of which for this purpose shall be secured under public law.

(2) The municipality shall use the monetary amount for the replacement of parking spaces or garages for
1. the construction of additional parking facilities or the maintenance, repair or modernisation of existing parking facilities,
2. other measures to relieve the streets from stationary traffic, including investment measures of local public transport.

Summary: Decision rests with the municipalities.


Criteria: Consideration of safety and ease of traffic, the needs of stationary traffic and accessibility via public transport facilities.


§ 86 Local Building Regulations

(1) The municipalities may, by means of bylaws, issue local building regulations on the number, size and nature of parking spaces or garages and parking facilities for bicycles (§ 49 (1)) required for facilities, taking into account the safety and ease of traffic, the needs of stationary traffic and access by local public transport facilities, for which an incoming and outgoing traffic with motor vehicles or bicycles is to be expected (necessary parking spaces and parking places for bicycles), including the additional requirement in case of changes and changes of use of the facilities as well as the redemption of the obligation to build and the amount of the redemption, which can be regulated differently according to the type of use and location of the facility.

Status: 10/15/2015

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