State Building Code Saxony-Anhalt

Building Regulations of the State of Saxony-Anhalt (BauO LSA)
In the version of 1 September 2013
amended on 17 June 2014 and on 28 September 2016  § 48

Extract from the parking place regulations

§ 48 Necessary parking spaces, garages and parking places for bicycles

(1) If building structures are erected where access and departure traffic by motor vehicles or bicycles is to be expected, parking spaces for motor vehicles (necessary motor vehicle parking spaces) as well as parking places for bicycles shall be provided on the building plot or at a reasonable distance therefrom on a suitable plot of land whose use for this purpose is secured under public law, insofar as this is stipulated by a local building regulation in accordance with § 85 para. 1 sentence 4. In the case of alterations or changes in the use of built structures, parking spaces may only be required for the additional demand. The areas for required parking spaces may also be arranged in garages.

Summary: No binding regulation, empowerment of the municipalities. Restriction of the redemption obligation, determination of the monetary amount only from the eighth parking space onwards.


§ 48 Necessary motor vehicle parking spaces, garages and parking places for bicycles

(2) If the construction of necessary parking spaces is not possible or only possible with great difficulty, the municipality may demand that the party obliged to construct them pay a monetary amount instead. The amount of money shall not exceed 60 per cent of the average cost of constructing parking facilities including the cost of land acquisition in the municipality or in certain parts of the municipality. The first eight parking spaces shall not be taken into account when determining the monetary amount.


§ 85 Local building codes

(1) (...) Municipalities may also issue local building regulations on the number, size and nature of the necessary motor vehicle parking spaces as well as parking places for bicycles pursuant to § 48 para. 1, which are required for buildings, taking into account safety and ease of traffic, the needs of stationary traffic and accessibility by local public transport facilities, including the additional requirements in the event of alterations to or changes in the use of the buildings, and the redemption of the obligation to provide parking spaces and the amount of the redemption within the framework of § 48 paras. 2 and 3, which may be regulated differently according to the type of use and location of the building.

Status: 09/01/2013 (09/28/2016)

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