State Building Code Thuringia

Thuringian Building Code (ThürBO) of 13 March 2014, Status 12.02.2019, § 49; 88

Extract from the parking place regulations

§ 49 Motor vehicle parking spaces and garages, parking places for bicycles

(1) When constructing facilities where access and departure traffic is to be expected, suitable parking spaces or garages must be provided if and to the extent that access and departure traffic is to be expected by means of motor vehicles, in particular taking into account local traffic conditions and public transport (necessary motor vehicle parking spaces and garages). In the event of alterations or changes of use, only the additional requirement shall be covered. The obligation to provide parking spaces in accordance with sentences 1 and 2 shall not apply if the municipality excludes or restricts the provision of parking spaces and garages by local building regulations in accordance with section 88 or by urban development bylaws.

(2) The parking spaces and garages shall be built on the building plot or at a reasonable distance therefrom on a suitable plot of land, the use of which for this purpose is secured under public law, or shall be redeemed in accordance with para. 3.

Summary: No binding regulation, authorisation of the municipalities. Restriction of the obligation to redeem to a maximum of average construction costs and costs of land acquisition in the municipality's territory or in certain parts thereof.


§ 49 Motor vehicle parking spaces and garages, parking places for bicycles

(3) With the consent of the municipality, the parking spaces may be redeemed by payment of a sum of money. The amount of money per parking space shall be determined by statute and may vary in particular according to the type of use and the location of the facility. The monetary amount may not exceed 60 per cent of the average production costs of parking facilities in accordance with para. 4 no. 1, including the costs of land acquisition in the municipality or in certain parts of the municipality.


§ 88 Local building regulations

(1) The municipalities may, by means of by-laws, issue local building regulations in their own sphere of action on the design of parking spaces for motor vehicles, the parking facilities for bicycles (…).

Status: 03/13/2014 (12/18/2018)

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