Bicycle motocross, better known as BMX, uses a BMX-bike for tricks and stunts. In the meantime, there are specific freestyle competitions for it that are very popular.

Wheelie bike

In Europe, the Bonanza bike in yellow-orange (RAL 2000) with the notorious foxtail on the aerial was, along with the Opel Manta, a cult vehicle of the 60s and 70s.


The café-racer is the stylish modification of a racy English series-production motorbike and still causes quite a stir among people today with its appearance.

City bike

As the name suggests, the city bike is made for the city. From lights that don't go out at traffic lights to puncture-proof tyres, the city bike is perfectly equipped for traffic.


The e-bike is excellent if you like to be out in the fresh air, but don't want to completely exhaust yourself. The electric motor can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h.

E-mountain bike

The e-mountain bike is designed to be ridden where you would never go with other bikes. With the help of the electric motor, you can even make it up the steepest hill.


The fixie is reduced to the bare essentials to save lots of weight. Fixies weigh between 8 and 12 kg on average and are therefore easy to transport up and down stairs.

Dutch bike

The Holland bike is very comfortable to ride because the seat is well padded, and the seating position ensures an upright posture, it is not only comfortable but also sturdy.

Children's bike

The children's bike is not only fun for the little ones, but they learn to improve their sense of balance and also their sense of perception by paying attention to the traffic.

Folding bike

The folding bike can be folded into the size of a carrier bag with just a few hand movements, making it even more interesting for people who commute or travel.

Cargo bike

Things can be easily and quickly transported with a cargo bike. It's a great alternative to a delivery truck or car and also much more environmentally conscious. There are also models with electric motors.

Recumbent bike

The recumbent combines reclining comfortably on a sofa with cycling. With a little practice, one can move very quickly because air resistance is reduced through reclining.

Mountain bike

The mountain bike is made for any terrain, be it mountains or dirt roads. Due to its sporty appearance, it can also be seen more and more often on normal roads.


With the pedelec you can get around quickly and easily. The 25 km/h electric motor supports the rider and has a range of 50 to 100 kilometres and more.

Racing bike

With thin tyres and no frills, the racing bike is designed for lightweight construction. A racing bike is designed to cover distances quickly and with minimum effort.


With the tandem you can go on a fun trip as a family or a romantic ride for two. The tandem comes in many variations. It is designed for the fun of cycling together.

Trekking bike

The trekking bike is great for people who are looking for a compromise between a bike that they can ride for everyday use but is still comfortable enough to tour with.

The spring cycling season begins

Spring is just around the corner. The first rays of sunshine are the starting signal to get back on your bike. Cycling spring promises to be boom time for the two-wheeler industry.