The children's bike is designed so that very young children can playfully learn to balance, corner and brake.

Children´s bicycle

The children's bike, because early practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect – this also applies to cycling. Using children's bicycles, the very young playfully learn to keep their balance, to steer and to pay attention to the traffic around. Simultaneously, a new generation is growing up that masters and appreciates environmentally conscious mobility – at least that is what environmentalists and traffic experts hope.

Having just outgrown the brightly coloured balance bike, the play bike with pedals, adjustable handlebars and brakes as well as removable training wheels is already waiting for the young ones. The next step up may be to a small city bike or a children's MTB. Just as for clothes, the bicycle should also be adapted to the child´s size. This is determined by the adjustable saddle height and the size of the wheels. From a height of 90 cm, 12-inch wheels are suitable, from 100 cm up to 16 inches, from 110 cm 18 inches, from 120 cm 20 inches and from 130 cm 24 inches.

However, the right size is not the only feature that ensures safety for children's bicycles: the fitted equipment also plays a role. For the ride to school, you should definitely choose a child's bike that is suitable for everyday use and that has good brakes, mudguards, lighting and reflectors that comply with the local Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO in Germany). An easy-to-use but effective lock is just as much part of the basic equipment as the obligatory bicycle helmet and light-coloured, weatherproof clothing with reflective surfaces.

With children's bikes, little ones learn to sharpen their sense of perception at an early age, since they must pay attention to traffic.
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