The dutch bike is a robust and very comfortable mainly urban vehicle.

Dutch bike

The dutch bike for comfortable mobility

If there is one nation in Europe that knows about cycling, it is probably the Netherlands. Thus, the Dutch must know how and with what to get around best, or "fietst" as they say. Perhaps with a so-called Dutch bicycle – it may be heavy and somewhat clumsy, but it is extremely robust and comfortable. The roadster actually comes from England and is a touring bike that has character and is also ideal in the city, as long as you don't want to use it "multimodally" on buses and trains.

Robustness and comfort are ensured by a fully-enclosed chain guard, a rear wheel side fairing, an elaborately sprung saddle and wide handlebars tilted at about 65 degrees, which result in excellent straight-line stability. The handlebars themselves are close to the body, which ensures a comfortable upright riding posture and relieves strain on arms and hands. This also gives them their colloquial name “sit up and beg” bicycles, because the riding position symbolises a dog sitting on its hind legs begging for food. A chunky bell serves as a greeting and warning.

Since steep gradients are extremely rare in the Netherlands, the Dutch bicycle comes with a three- or five-speed hub gear, which is practically maintenance-free. For the same reason, the braking system seems rather archaic: models sold in the Netherlands do not have coaster brakes, but instead drum brakes that are operated by a rod. The Dutch also go their own classic way with lighting: a rim dynamo for the headlight and a battery-operated rear light.

The comfortable bike becomes a Dutch bike through the classic "Dutch arch" with a straight down tube and a curved top tube. This makes mounting and dismounting particularly comfortable and practical if you have to dismount often in the city. If you prefer a men's version, the Holland bike is also available with the typical diamond frame. The solid luggage rack without clamp is also a typical feature. Rubber bands are used for fastening.

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