The e-mountain bike is a bicycle designed for deployment in the mountains or off-road. Nonetheless, it is seen more and more often on the street.

E-Mountain bike

The electrified mountain bike, perfect for long-distance off-road tours

With almost inexhaustible endurance and high-speed up mountains and through forests – no problem with the E-MTB (electric mountain bike)! As with pedelecs, S-pedelecs and other e-bikes, an electric motor provides power and speed. Typical features of these bikes are a sloping, particularly stable frame, low, wide and relatively straight handlebars, complex suspension (only at the front on so-called hardtail MTBs), disc brakes, knobby tyres and no fixed mudguards or luggage racks. And, since it is unnecessary for the intended use: no fixed lighting, reflectors at the most.

Initially ridiculed by MTB purists, E-MTBs have become both recreational fun for everyone and serious sports equipment for trained MTB athletes. Electric gear shifting and dynamic pedal assistance make the high-tech device a versatile and attractive vehicle for every type of trail.

The integration of the usually particularly powerful motor unit (up to 90 Nm torque and more) into the MTB-typical frame geometry enables similar riding characteristics to a "classic" mountain bike and is likely to have increased acceptance even among die-hard purists. High-quality high-performance E-MTBs not only sport powerful propulsion – they also allow the experienced rider to keep the bike under control at all times, which is vital in many situations. The sometimes risky trails demand everything from man and bike, which is why physical fitness and careful maintenance of the technology are so important.

The e-mountain bike supports its rider with a powerful electric motor that can produce up to 90 Nm of torque.
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