The folding bike is a bicycle that can be easily folded at any time and therefore be transported or stowed away more easily.

Folding bike

The bike that makes travel anywhere possible

In particular city dwellers and inhabitants from the surrounding countryside love to be mobile or quite simply have to be. Those wanting to absolve their trips environmentally consciously without traffic jams or searching for a parking space and, last but not least, in a healthy way, don´t have to waive using a bike. Even if they catch buses, trains or planes "multi-modally" in between – folding bikes make it possible. More and more often, you see them breezing along city streets and they are also popular as holiday companions.

While the folding bike of the 1970s could only be folded in the middle of its curved frame, today there are real quick-change artists that, when folded, fit into a (somewhat larger) shopping bag or a backpack. Some can be folded several times, including at the wheels and handlebars. The wheel sizes vary from 12 to 26 inches.

Innovative locking systems and high-quality materials ensure that nothing rattles when riding. The engineers have done their homework, and even tandems and tricycles are available as foldable versions.

Despite the low weight of about 15 kg and compact folding dimensions of 85 x 70 x 40 cm on average, there is no need to do without conveniences such as derailleur gears, luggage racks, suspension elements and modern hub dynamo lighting. Thanks to a smartphone, which can be supplied with power via the hub dynamo, or with a special navigation system, you will never lose your bearings even in unfamiliar areas, for example on business trips in foreign cities.

Of course, there are also e-folding bikes with all the typical folding bike virtues and - a little more weight to carry.

The folding bike is excellent for the city as it can be transported even if trains or buses are full simply by folding it up.
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