The tandem is a bike for 2 people riding a single bike simultaneously.


The tandem for joint bike rides

One behind the other or side by side, as a couple or with a child – it's also great to ride together! And if there are no passengers on board, you can also ride most tandems alone, albeit with increased effort.

In order to make progress with the increased weight of the "double bicycle", a tandem has (at least) two separate bottom brackets and gears. Powerful brakes are a must, luggage racks a sensible extra – after all, the tandem is not intended for short trips in the city but for leisurely bike rides in the countryside.

Teamwork is the order of the day, and that's what makes tandem cycling so appealing. The pilot steers, the pilot and stoker (passenger) provide propulsion together or alternately and can even talk with one another during the ride. No matter how distant the destination, everyone arrives at the same time, which is also an advantage.

Due to the favourable ratio of rolling resistance to muscle power and the single-rider frontal area, a tandem can travel even faster than a normal bicycle and possesses a natural power reserve since not everyone must continuously pedal at full speed while riding.

In addition to tandem bicycles for two or three people of approximately the same size, there are also models for joint use by parents and children as well as foldable models that can also be taken on buses and trains, although not everywhere and if so, then at extra charge.

On the cycle paths and streets you can find over-the-counter tandems as well as self-built tandems according to the motto "make one out of two". Instructions for assembling tandems are available on the Internet.

In view of the high weight, electrification is a natural choice. Electric tandems are available with various motor drive systems: mid-mounted motor, front or rear drive. Retrofitting is also possible.

The tandem for fun together as a couple or family.
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