A trekking bike is an all-rounder. It is a comfortable partner both for everyday use and for long cycling tours.

Trekking bike

The trekking bike is the all-rounder for the city or longer rides

The trekking bike, also known as a touring or hybrid bike, is a true all-rounder. Both for everyday use in the city and on longer and longest bike tours, it is a comfortable partner which you simply mount and ride away and which is also capable of carrying a decent amount of luggage. Comfortable saddles and sophisticated suspension systems ensure fatigue-free riding.

Derailleur gears with up to 30 gears make progress easy and fast, even without electric assistance. Hub gears are also popular because they are particularly robust and require no maintenance. Since trekking bikes are only moved by muscle power, models with lightweight aluminium frames are in great demand, although they do not dampen vibrations and shocks as well as steel tube models. Men's and women's bikes with different frame geometries are common, as are wheel sizes of 28 inches.

What is not present on mountain bikes and racing bikes is part of the basic equipment on trekking or touring bikes: luggage rack, lights, mudguards, chain guard, reflectors and bell. As a rule, they are sold with outfitting that complies with the StVZO (German Road Traffic Licencing Ordinance).

Large panniers can be attached to the common luggage rack hooks, which offer enough storage space for provisions, clothing or even small tents on long tours. There are additional bag holders for the handlebars. The trekking bike thus becomes a good-natured pack mule – practical for shopping in the city and indispensable for long trips, which in extreme cases can last for years and take you all over the world.

Whether on roads, cycle paths, forest tracks or gravelled surfaces: the relatively narrow, wear-resistant tyres will bring you almost anywhere and – depending on your physical fitness and stamina – enable you to make good progress. So-called All Terrain Bikes (ATB) combine the features of mountain and trekking bikes. However, challenging trails in the mountains or wild descents over hill and dale are not recommended with this universal vehicle – that´s terrain reserved for MTBs and E-MTBs.

Trekking bikes are priced in the low three-digit range, but experts say that bargains are not always convincing in terms of quality. It is also worthwhile to look for high-quality gears and brakes.

A trekking or touring bike is designed for a quick trip to the supermarket or, as the name suggests, a longer tour.
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