The BMX bike is a bike designed for tricks or freestyle stunts such as spectacular aerial jumps or stair descents.


A BMX bike is designed for spectacular aerial jumps or stair descents

You can do a lot with a bicycle, even spectacular aerial jumps or flying down and over stairs. For that you need a BMX bike, the abbreviation of bicycle motocross, and of course a lot of practice and good body control. There's also a real BMX sport with well-attended freestyle competitions that make the legendary Tour de France look downright boring.

BMX bikes have motorbike-style handlebars and a low frame, which, together with the comparatively small 20-inch wheels, ensure a low centre of gravity. This in turn makes the bike easier to manoeuvre. Braking is done with powerful V- or U-brakes or, on models without a brake system, with the feet. A special hub in the rear wheel even enables some models to be ridden in reverse. The pedals have pins to prevent the feet from slipping and low gears enable fast acceleration from standing.

Accidents on BMXs are not uncommon and, apart from specially developed bike components, helmets and knee pads are the main protection against serious injuries. Of course, such a vehicle lacks a lighting system and bell, which is why it really has no place on the road. The mostly young riders often turn a blind eye to this. And, since it takes practice to become a master, BMX bikes are also available for children – who may later switch to completely different vehicles.

The BMX has motorcycle-style handlebars and a low frame with small 20-inch rims that make it easier to manoeuvre.
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