The café-racer is a bicycle that was created for the style-conscious urban public based on tuned production English sport motorbikes from the 1960s.


The symbol of coolness and exclusivity: the café-racer

The bicycle industry invented the so-called "café racer" for a style-conscious, urban audience. The name, however, goes back to racy English series-production motorbikes and the bikes only have a lot of chrome and the feeling of belonging to a certain group in common. Coolness and exclusivity are symbolised.

Technically, the café racer is a city bike with minimalist equipment. Typically, there is no bike rack, suspension elements and derailleurs are also taboo, rather a single-speed variant without freewheel. In order not to spoil the simple, high-quality look, some manufacturers even do without a lighting system. Retro colours such as pistachio green, ochre, pastel blue tones, anthracite or silver are predominant, combined with slim saddles and unprofiled handlebar grips made of brown leather or plastic. Accents are set by shiny chrome mudguards, brake levers, rims and chains made of stainless steel, as long as they are freshly polished. The bikes are ridden on matching, preferably cream-coloured tyres and 28-inch wheels. Lightweight aluminium frames in the classic diamond shape ensure fast progress on flat asphalt roads.

The café-racer symbolises coolness and exclusivity and gives the rider the feeling of belonging to a certain group.