The city bike is a bicycle that, as the name suggests, is ideal for use in the city.

City bike

From the saddle to the kickstand, the city bike is designed for comfort

A city bike is ideal for use in the city, as the name suggests. It's not about athletic adventures or long tours, although the latter are certainly possible if the equipment is suitable. Asphalted cycle paths and, if need be, road lanes are its terrain.

Everything about the city bike is designed for comfort: wide and well-padded saddles, multiple adjustable handlebars, suspension, kick or centre stands for quick and safe parking. Disc brakes offer safety just as battery-assisted lighting systems that do not go out even when stopped at traffic lights do. Puncture-proof tyres are a plus in the city, as it´s not always possible to avoid broken glass in bike lanes, and a bike with flat tyres just sits around in the basement.

The equipment of a typical city bike is otherwise similar to that of a trekking bike that complies with the StVZO, with a bike rack, lights, mudguards, chain guard, reflectors and bell. Solid luggage racks support panniers or child seats. Aluminium frames reduce weight, saving some muscle power when riding or when attaching to the car roof. A lower step-in is typical, even on men's bikes.

High-quality city bikes have a low-maintenance hub gear with up to eleven gears or a cheaper derailleur with 21 or more gears. If you don't want to clean and lubricate your chain regularly, you should consider a model with a belt drive, although this is likely to be considerably more expensive.

Upgrading to an e-bike with a middle or front or rear wheel hub motor is possible, but the brakes in particular should be able to cope with the high travel speeds and propulsion of the e-motor at all times.

In city centres and suburbs, the city bike is recommended as an environmentally friendly alternative to the car, while also saving a lot of money on vehicle taxes, insurance, fuel, technical maintenance and parking. In addition, city dwellers can use it to fill up their exercise account, and those who use their bike to get to work can deduct it from their taxes or have their employer finance one for them.

If you don't want to buy your own city bike, you can find a wide range of rental bikes at railway stations or other places in the city, or you can rent a custom city bike with a mobility guarantee, should the rented bike become unfit for use.

The city bike is designed for comfort, from the padded saddle to the puncture-proof tyres.