Case Studies

A room system created in a hall from SmartUnit elements.

Responding to current challenges with the SmartUnit

The corona epidemic will be occupying the economy for a while and poses considerable challenges for authorities, enterprises and private individuals. WSM’s SmartUnit is the solution to some of these dilemmas.

A space system on a heavy transporter

The biggest room system we have built yet

You probably already know that we can deliver our mobile room systems prebuilt and ready to use. This way, we can guarantee that our products don’t disrupt your clients day-to-day business when it gets delivered.

Partition wall system in production hall

Simple room division realised with partition wall systems

They reliably separate, protect and encapsulate areas: the WSM partitioning systems. The universal systems are indispensable, particularly within larger buildings, production halls or in the storage area. This is the way one can realise a quick room division with simple partition systems.

SmartUnit exploded view

Useful modules

Even the master builders of antiquity recognised the importance of structuring and proportioning buildings and invented the module as a rational, flexible planning element.

Multi-storey room system in the hall

Using surface areas optimally

Anyone who operates a factory or logistics centre faces the challenge of permanently optimising their area productivity. In doing so, as far as possible, the production or work process should not be influenced or stopped. Modular, mobile room systems help solve this task.

Advertising bicycle stand with parked bicycle

On the way to advertising

The study is no longer current, but it should still be relevant: 90 percent of Germans are in public space every day. This finding was made by the market research institute infas in 2008 on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Innenansicht eines Raumsystems

System halls: fast, inexpensive and flexible.

Conventional solid construction is on the decline. System halls are considered a particularly economical alternative, since they are quickly and relatively inexpensively constructed, expanded or dismantled. Functional rooms can be created simply and inexpensively through modular room systems and adapted to current requirements without dry construction expansion. Flexible partition systems give the desired structure.

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