Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dettmar from the Technical University of Darmstadt

How our cities can become green again

Since 2001, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dettmar has been Head of the Department of Design and Open Space Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt.

Grafik zum AGFS-Kongress 2020

AGFS Congress 2020: Parking as the main issue

Once again, the AGFS (Arbeitsgemeinschaft fußgänger- und fahrrad-freundlicher Städte, Gemeinden und Kreise in NRW) was delighted with a record number of participants: over 700 participants accepted its invitation to the congress in Essen on 27 February.

Close-up of a bus with stickers on the subject of accessibility

Barrier-free travel

Day after day, millions of people use public transport (ÖPNV). People with reduced mobility also depend on buses and trains.

The stage of the AGFS Congress 2019

2019 AGFS Congress with new attendance record

Traffic safety was the topic at this year’s Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Municipalities and Counties in North Rhine-Westphalia e. V. (AGFS) Congress which took place on February 21 at the Essen Exhibition Centre parallel to the public “Bicycle” exhibition.

Modern, individual roofing system with different glass colours

Protecting what is dear and valuable to us

Building a house lies in man´s nature – a few years ago a building society wooed customers for products which should help them to their “own four walls” with this saying. Indeed, there is probably no human civilisation that possessed no structures for protection against rain, snow, cold winds or even burning sunshine – shelters.

Interview with Dr. Christian Mikunda

Genial orchestration

When it comes to the Experience Economy – the orchestration of brands, goods and services – Dr. Ing. Christian Mikunda is a worldwide sought-after expert.

Light reflecting special foil on a bus stop at night

Safety as a role model

Unlighted bus stops and passenger shelters in dark surroundings are a source of danger to the people who actually seek protection from them.

Overview of different phosphors for the showcase on a table

Let there be light!

Light attracts attention and that is crucial for disseminating promotional messages. Psychologists say that contrast, the interaction of light and dark, is decisive for the perception.

Paketbote mit Lastenrad bei der Auslieferung eines Pakets

Load transport by bicycle?

Most municipalities have managed to ban heavy truck traffic from their inner cities giving them some breathing space, both literally and figuratively.

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