Photo of a green bus stop in Utrecht

Bus stops for people and nature

When it comes to environmental protection and quality of life, Utrecht thinks big. The fourth largest city in the Netherlands and eponymous capital of the province has set itself the goal of becoming the healthiest region in Europe.

Close-up of a bus with stickers on the subject of accessibility

Barrier-free travel

Day after day, millions of people use public transport (ÖPNV). People with reduced mobility also depend on buses and trains.

A visualization on which a shelter is unloaded from a crane

Reach your goal faster with WSM

The good order situation combined with a shortage of resources, the well-known shortage of skilled workers and bottlenecks in logistics are now factors that severely affect delivery dates in the metal industry. We meet this challenge with new production and sales processes, with intelligent logistics and future-oriented warehousing. Measures that make sense. We are therefore …

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SmartUnit consisting of 10 elements

Sales media for our SmartUnit

The advantages and benefits of the “SmartUnit” room system are obvious: quick configuration of rooms without specialist knowledge, the low price for individual panels as well as transport and short delivery time within 1-3 weeks.

The stage of the AGFS Congress 2019

2019 AGFS Congress with new attendance record

Traffic safety was the topic at this year’s Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Municipalities and Counties in North Rhine-Westphalia e. V. (AGFS) Congress which took place on February 21 at the Essen Exhibition Centre parallel to the public “Bicycle” exhibition.

A drawing of a bicycle-friendly city

Focus on safety

How can the safety of pedestrians and cyclists be improved, especially in everyday situations?

Bicycle garages in different colours

Colourful variety

Following the changes to the colouring of our BikeBox 1, we are now able to offer you additional product visualisations.

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