Schaukästen für Schulen

Showcases for schools

WSM showcases are part of the equipment of every school. They can be used to effectively share important information and protect it from unauthorized access.

Showcases for schools

From elementary school to high school - throughout a school's life, display cases accompany students and also inform parents or other visitors about what is important to the school administration and what it must inform about: Here you will find timetables and timetable updates, room occupancy plans, information about activities, office hours and contact persons, but also building plans, information about escape routes, emergency measures and much more.

Information Systems

Display cases, showcases and guidance systems.
Better informed, for indoor and outdoor use.

Contents in the best of hands

All school-relevant contents are perfectly stored in WSM showcases. And for a long time: Our aluminum showcases offer years of perfect protection against moisture, dirt and optionally also against UV exposure.

Built-in theft protection

Typical WSM: Thanks to sophisticated designs, notices can be replaced in a few simple steps and protected again from unauthorized access with security locks.

Showcases for schools - product examples

Showcases for schools

WSM showcases can be easily and securely mounted on walls everywhere: in entrance areas or in front of the secretary's office. A few screws and dowels are enough. Choose from models with sliding doors, front-opening or top-opening, in a variety of sizes to fit your documents and posters in convenient DIN-A grid dimensions, with scratch-resistant, shatterproof glass and security locks.

Showcases - your advantages

  • For every application

    The following applies to all information systems from WSM: The quality is always right with us! This is ensured by high-quality materials, careful workmanship and clever designs that incorporate a great deal of experience.

  • Always informative

    WSM's information systems have a place for everything: timetable updates, room assignments, promotions, office hours and contact persons, building plans, escape route information, emergency information and much more.

  • Comfort and safety

    Thanks to sophisticated designs, notices can be replaced in a few simple steps and protected from unauthorized access and vandalism with security locks.

  • quite simple

    Showcases from WSM can be opened either with sliding doors, with swing doors on one side or upwards. The upward opening models have gas springs with a safe 85° open position.

  • In aluminum look or colored

    The angular or rounded aluminum profiles of WSM showcases are anodized in aluminum-silver color. On request, you can also get your showcases in RAL colors powder-coated aluminum profiles.

  • Information that sticks

    The magnetic back panels of our display cases are galvanized and scratch-resistant. You simply attach your documents and posters with matching magnets.

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