Schaukästen auf Pfosten

Showcases on posts

WSM showcases are also available on posts or stands. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. This allows you to effectively present your information anywhere.

Showcases on posts

With freestanding display cases from WSM on posts or stands, you can easily "meet" your employees, visitors or guests. Job offers, insights into club or community life, opening hours, building and timetables or menus: all your content is in good hands in our free-standing display cases.

Information Systems

Display cases, showcases and guidance systems.
Better informed, for indoor and outdoor use.

Guaranteed durable

WSM's timelessly elegant aluminum display cases on studs or posts are designed for long, maintenance-free use. They offer perfect protection against unauthorized access, vandalism but also moisture, dirt and optionally also UV exposure, which would otherwise fade paper and printing inks and cloud plastic films. Thanks to technically sophisticated, modern lighting systems from WSM, you always put your information and advertising messages in the right light, even in the dark.

Update made easy

Typical WSM: Sophisticated designs make updating your notices easy. A few simple hand movements - even with both hands - are all that is needed. Content and messages thus always remain up to date.

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Thoughtful installations of showcases on posts

Showcases on posts

Wherever employees, visitors or guests pass by, display cases from WSM can be easily and safely installed with stands and posts. Choose from different models with sliding doors, opening to the front or upwards, in different sizes to match your documents and posters in practical DIN A grid dimensions, with scratch-resistant, shatterproof toughened safety glass (ESG) or acrylic glass and security locks, and with energy-saving lighting.

Showcases on posts - your advantages

  • Convincingly versatile

    WSM's free-standing display cabinets have a place for everything: company and authority information, notices of promotions, menus and menus, current offers, details of office hours and contact persons, building plans, escape route information, emergency information and much more.

  • Perfect document protection

    Integrated ventilation with weather-resistant seals and optional UV protection reliably protect your documents from moisture and sunlight, even outdoors.

  • Comfort and safety

    Thanks to sophisticated designs, notices can be replaced in a few simple steps and protected from unauthorized access and vandalism with waterproof security locks.

  • Easy to use

    WSM showcases can be opened either with sliding doors, with swing doors on one side or upwards. The upward opening models have gas springs with a safe 85° open position.

  • In aluminum look or colored

    WSM showcases have maintenance-free aluminum profiles and are anodized in aluminum-silver color. On request, you can also get them in powder-coated aluminum profiles with RAL colors.

  • Information that sticks

    The magnetic back panels are galvanized and scratch resistant. To attach your documents and posters use suitable magnets or Klemmfix pockets.

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