Mobile Room Systems

Using surface areas optimally

Mobile room system in the hall
Optimum use of space with modular mobile room systems

Anyone who operates a factory or logistics centre faces the challenge of permanently optimising their area productivity. In doing so, as far as possible, the production or work process should not be influenced or stopped. Modular, mobile room systems help solve this task.

In an ideal world, buildings could dynamically adapt to changes in production or inventory and be guided by actual value flows. Rooms and areas would always be optimally used productively. The reality is different: factories and warehouses are bursting at the seams, production or product offshoots are behind time or accumulating somewhere, and barriers are arise in the production hall which require time to overcome and impair area productivity. Yet, is it worthwhile to expand or build a new one?

Whoever is faced with this question should first clarify how efficiently existing spaces are actually used. The optimisation of the applied processes often provides considerable potential here. Where that is not enough or where factories and logistics centres are to be planned from the outset for the greatest possible flexibility, modular mobile room systems come into play: with such rooms, fixed points and thus blockages can be avoided because they are set up quickly and can be moved almost anywhere in the building. A flexible alternative to drywall. The modular design allows for size adjustments and conversions – a supervisor’s office can quickly become a meeting room or a storage place for tools and materials.

New surface areas emerge – interior of a mobile room system

New surface areas emerge – interior of a mobile room system

Hall offices or even clean rooms, coordinating centres and machine enclosures can be easily moved by crane, forklift or with transport wheels and do not impede the operation through costly dismantling or reconstruction work. Mounted on the hall ceiling or integrated in hall floor process lines increases flexibility again. This makes it easier to implement area-optimised layouts for lean production and logistics processes.

If the hall height is sufficient, modular rooms can also be installed on steel construction stages, creating additional space. Office, recreation and function rooms can be attached to existing buildings up to three storey´s high, which additionally defuses the space situation in the production or warehouse. Pre-assembly at the manufacturer factory, pre-approved statics and complete fitting packages for almost every purpose and need ensure time and cost savings.

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