Advertising in City-Light showcase for wall mounting

City Lights

City Lights – the backlit showcases that everyone knows are poetically named. Since the eighties, this advertising form originating from France has firmly established itself, at least in larger cities. With their relatives, classic show cases, they are part of the fixed repertoire of “ambient media”. Popular City Lights locations are bus or tram waiting stops and halls, but also house facades, subway stations, airports, cinemas and other heavily-visited places. Why not on your property?

Advertising with format

A standard format was specially developed for City Lights. The term City Lights is therefore uniform throughout Europe, meaning a paper size of 118.5 x 175 cm. Poster motifs are printed upright on special translucent carrier materials. Poster changers allow the alternate presentation of different motifs.

Not only, but especially in the evenings, the City Light showcases unfold their special charm; an ambience that begins with the advertising medium itself: whatever is presented in a showcase behind glass must be intrinsically valuable. Brilliant colours brought to the fore by the light source mounted behind the poster, motif changes and 3D effects further enhance the attractiveness of this advertising medium.

No wonder, then, that City Light posters have long since taken a permanent place in media planning. Advertising agencies, from which one can book the showcases for a certain period of time, promise a high advertising impact. This is also explained by the fact that here advertised is exhibited in places where many people spend a relatively long time. A leading provider of the outdoor advertising industry speaks of a “establishing extensive coverage quickly” and “high contact volume”. In fact, City Lights are hard to miss and you cannot click them away.

What one should be aware of

Anyone who wants to operate on a large scale with this form of advertising must do so with one of the big agencies that own the City Lights and who rent them out according to elaborate bulk layout plans. The booking must be reserved well in advance and, once booked, there is no right to cancel the City Lights. Six-digit amounts quickly add up for display at interesting places in several cities.

However, advertisers can set up their own City Lights – and at their own expense – in places where no showcases stand or hang and where the owner of the installation space agrees. This is usually not an issue when advertising in front of your own door or in your own rooms. The design and printing of the light-permeable posters suitable for this purpose are also carried out by smaller advertising agencies.

Not all display cases are equally well suited. The ideal City Light showcase should be made of high quality materials with a user-friendly access and locking mechanism, weatherproof rubber seals, ventilation and safety glass. Also important is the installed lighting system. LEDs produce a neutral light with sufficient intensity and scattering effect. They are simultaneously economical in power consumption. Only so will your City Lights be eye-catchers and not power-guzzlers.

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