Partition wall system in production hall

Simple room division realised with partition wall systems

They reliably separate, protect and encapsulate areas: the WSM partitioning systems. The universal systems are indispensable, particularly within larger buildings, production halls or in the storage area. This is the way one can realise a quick room division with simple partition systems.

In these times, in-house changes are inevitable. For example, according to new guidelines machines must be encapsulated and hall and warehouse capacities have to be redistributed. Changing requirements commonly require new room layouts. Deploying WSM modular partitioning systems, customers remain flexible and adaptable to all new conditions.

Whether aluminum constructions, steel/glass constructions or buildings with sandwich elements: the modular partition wall systems from WSM are true all-rounders. By encapsulating machines it is possible, for example, to efficiently implement fire and noise protection while safeguarding access. In the storage area partition walls create order and contribute to energy savings; for example, when packaging rooms or other premises where employees are permanently stationed are separated from outside supply ramps and protected against drafts.

Separate rooms in a production hall
Individual room separation realized with partition wall systems from WSM.

Do you require a material issue station at short notice? No problem – this can be easily and quickly set up with a partition from WSM which then protects against unauthorised access and theft and at the same time acts as an open goods issue. In production halls where workpieces are machined or painted, WSM partitions can quickly create processing units with which surrounding areas are protected. In order to be able to visually inspect these separated areas, WSM partition wall systems offer the integration of different glazing.

Partitions from WSM are certified according to their purpose. In addition to the fast installation they are characterised by their high flexibility with regard to conversion or rearrangement. Since today companies need to be able to respond quickly to changing market demands. Production lines or warehouse layouts are often adapted for this purpose. WSM partition wall modules can be easily adapted to the new conditions. New investments are not necessary. In addition, the investments made in a WSM system are protected, as the company offers long-term solutions. In concrete terms, this means that even after many years, the matching modules or spare parts are still available for a system. In this way, extensions or connections with a WSM mobile room system can be realised cost-effectively even after many years.

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