Innenansicht eines Raumsystems

System halls: fast, inexpensive and flexible.

Conventional solid construction is on the decline. System halls are considered a particularly economical alternative, since they are quickly and relatively inexpensively constructed, expanded or dismantled. Functional rooms can be created simply and inexpensively through modular room systems and adapted to current requirements without dry construction expansion. Flexible partition systems give the desired structure.

System halls made of steel and aluminium are comparatively inexpensive and can, depending on the size, be set up within a few days. Almost all that is necessary is a suitable property with access roads and connections for supply and disposal as well as a suitable foundation that insulates against moisture and cold. The hall manufacturers can often provide support with the required statics and building permits. Every construction is planned together with them from the beginning and adapted to the actual needs and the financial possibilities.

Required functional rooms such as offices, computer rooms, measuring and laboratory rooms, recreation rooms and lounges as well as sanitary rooms, etc. can also be set up cost-effectively and flexibly by completely or largely refraining from drywall construction. Modular mobile room systems are available for a wide variety of functions and applications.

Such room systems can be pre-assembled by the manufacturer and delivered completely outfitted or set up by the customer and offer maximum adaptability: they can be arbitrarily moved in an instant by simply attaching to an overhead crane or lifting with a forklift, without disrupting the ongoing operation. If more functional rooms are required, the modules are simply combined…and vice versa. Hall floor space can also be used vertically by using supports or placing one module on top of another. The manufacturer can deliver the required stairs with the module.

Masonry walls can be replaced similarly. Custom-tailored partitioning systems can be used to separate functional departments such as work preparation, controls or storage areas and much more. Door, window or complete glass surfaces can be integrated as desired. Even the partition wall systems offer advantages in construction costs, the short time required and, above all, in the high adaptability to changing tasks.

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