A space system on a heavy transporter

The biggest room system we have built yet

You probably already know that we can deliver our mobile room systems prebuilt and ready to use. This way, we can guarantee that our products don’t disrupt your clients day-to-day business when it gets delivered.

Even with the greatest care, the paintwork of modular systems can slightly change from module to module. There lies another advantage of producing a room system in one piece: The paintwork is absolutely homogenous.

What you may not know yet is that we regularly redefine what is possible.

Our biggest room system produced in one piece

In our current production is a real behemoth: 16,5 meters long, 3,8 meters wide and weighing in at about 4.4 tons. This is the biggest room system we have ever built in one piece.

Moving this product around our production halls was already a big challenge. At the same time, this shows how robust our products really are.

So when your customers ask you if you can sell them a really big mobile room system that was produced and can be delivered in one piece, tell them that you know just the right product.

Ein Raumsystem auf einem Schwertransporter
Das größte Raumsystem, das WSM bisher in einem Stück hergestellt haben, verlässt das Werk und macht sich auf den Weg zum Kunden.
Raumsystem beim innerbetrieblichen Transport
Das größte Raumsystem, das WSM bisher an einem Stück hergestellt hat: 16,5 Meter lang, 3,8 Meter breit und 4.4 Tonnen schwer.


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