Vaccination centre design

The SmartUnit enables quick and easy setup of vaccination centres and other temporary healthcare facilities. In so doing, the system can play out its exceptional flexibility.

Quick and flexible vaccination centre design

In Germany and other countries, even before the first vaccines to combat the COVID-19 virus were approved, planning and construction of numerous facilities in which the vaccine will be administered to the population had already begun. At least one of these new vaccination centres will be established and put into operation as soon as possible in every administrative district and city in Germany. In city halls, sports facilities, former warehouses and factories, i.e. wherever larger indoor spaces are available, thousands of people will be guided through “vaccination thoroughfares” daily. Once voluntary mass vaccination starts, the public will be advised and “treated” en masse by trained personnel ¬– all, of course, while maintaining the required social distance and privacy. Each person should also have access to a couch in a quiet zone.

Provides distance and safety.

The punctual and professional shipment of the vaccine doses, syringes, masks, gloves and documents, not to speak of providing the personnel, will demand extremely complex and sophisticated logistics. Furthermore, the structural design of the halls and rooms will also require unprecedented effort. Probably the best way to set up the centres is with flexible, easy-to-mount partitions that can be securely fastened together to form dozens of separate rooms that function as consultation locations, vaccination booths and quiet rooms.

WSM SmartUnits in operation

WSM´s mobile, modular SmartUnit room systems are perfect for this. The system consists of diverse sandwich elements which, due to their advanced design, are both light and very robust. An intelligent tongue and groove plug-in system enables custom room solutions that are ready for occupancy in a jiffy. The stability of the system also allows for the installation of roof-free rooms and does not require a separate floor, thus intrinsically providing barrier-free access.

Simply plugged together manually and thanks to the modular concept, dozens of vaccination booths can be quickly and easily assembled, disassembled and just as easily reassembled elsewhere – even in difficult-to-access places. The high-quality aluminium sandwich panels are bright, easy to keep clean and easy to wash, enabling high hygienic standards to be easily met. Building material class B1 ensures adequate fire protection.

Attachments and accessories make all the difference

In addition to solid wall panels, walls with fixed glazing, side-hung, tilting and sliding windows, elements with floor-to-ceiling fixed glazing and doors in DIN standard format, optionally also in glass, are all at your disposal. Sequestered sanitary rooms or rooms for storing sensitive products can be provided in no time using matching roof elements and corner posts. A basic electrical installation package including electric wall heating is also available, as are wall-mounted ventilators and floor-standing air-conditioning units.

Customize rooms and zones.

The barrier-free nature of rooms created with a SmartUnit is also practical. Since they do not require a separate floor, pedestrian or wheelchair access is at ground level, i.e. without having to overcome steps and thresholds at any time.

A manufacturer that thinks ahead of the herd

As one of the first suppliers of modular room systems, WSM knows what is important when providing flexible partition walls and rooms at short notice. WSM guarantees short delivery times with shipping in convenient stacking boxes.

The SmartUnits can be easily assembled on site by unskilled or temporary workers.

Realise projects and save money!

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