Decoration GaLaBau 2018

GaLaBau 2018 trade fair preview

Full of expectations, the gardening and landscaping industry looks forward to this years GaLaBau. Taking place in Nürnberg every other year, the event sees itself as the leading exhibition for urban landscapes and is an important venue for a flourishing sector in all sense of the word.Once again, the Bundesverband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau e.V. (BGL) reported growing revenues in their business report – even compared to the very successful years of 2014 and 2015.

No wonder the organisers of the exhibition are confident. From September 12th to 15th they expect over 65.000 visitors and more than 1.400 companies, which exhibit their products and services in 14 exhibition halls with more than 66.000 m².
You can find the WSM booth in Hall 1. We are looking forward to your visit.

A wide variety of activities

There will be an informative and entertaining supporting program with talks from industry experts and award ceremonies.

The ninth edition of the Landschaftsgärtner-Cup will be held outside. It presents the varied challenges that landscapers and gardeners face in their line of work and lets them compete against their colleagues from all over Germany.
Hall 3 will be the meeting place for young and coming skilled employees where you can find the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für junge Gärtner.

Climate change and skilled labour shortage

Currently, the industries business is going well. Additionally, the government brought a project underway that supports construction efforts for green cities. There will be a total of 2,5 million Euros available this year, and the amount will increase to 47,5 million Euros in 2019. The expertise of landscapers is supposed to help oppose the effects of global warming in major cities.

At the same time, the BGL is concerned about the consequences of demographic change. For the president of the society, August Forster, this topic is of utmost importance. He says that even today, companies sometimes have to decline contracts because they lack the required skilled labour.
To improve the perception of the industry, the BGL started a new campaign. It is meant to project a positive image with social media activity and attractive exhibitions with the goal of recruiting young employees. Time will tell if this can solve the problem.

Realise projects and save money!

Parking facilities for bicycles
are subsidised by up to 90 %.