Interior view of the LED illumination in the display case

Lightweight elegance

Aluminium is a very special material. The metal conveys intrinsic value and is ideal for providing a framework for out-of-home advertising media. With its technical appearance and noble simplicity, it embodies the spirit of our time particularly well. Furthermore, aluminium retains its value extremely well and is easy to transport.

A short chemistry lesson: Aluminium is a chemical element with the elemental symbol Al and atomic number 13. In the periodic table it belongs to the third main group. The earth metal was only discovered at the beginning of the 19th century by the English chemist Humphry Davy, who gave it the name which is still in use today. In terms of mass fraction in the biosphere, it is the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon, and the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. Today it is usually obtained electrolytically from bauxite. With a density of 2.70 g/cm³, aluminium is a typical light metal. Aluminium components with the same strength weigh only about half as much as steel.

Aluminium is very base and reacts at freshly cut points already at room temperature with air and water to aluminium oxide. A thin, air and water impermeable, layer is created to protect the aluminium from corrosion. This passivation makes pure aluminium very corrosion resistant, giving the metal its dull, silver-gray appearance. Anodised aluminium has further enhanced corrosion protection (anodising).
Its low weight and versatile processability via casting, forming, machining and welding make aluminium a globally sought-after material. Beverage cans, car rims, smartphone housings, aircraft parts, spacecraft and much more are made of it, and thus aluminium stands for the technological achievements of our time like probably only plastic, glass, (stainless) steel and concrete.

For this reason, in addition to its chemical and physical properties, aluminium has a special symbolic meaning in that it is associated with high-quality technology and deliberately used to create this appearance. A sport or elegant automobile without aluminium wheels? Just as unthinkable as an iPhone made only of plastic, even though this is technically possible. The combination with wood is also very attractive due to the contrast and the intended combination of nature and technology, as shopfitters, for example, know.
In marketing, where the production of positive emotions is known to play a major role, aluminium ensures that showcases, shelves, display cabinets and displays etc. not only provide a contemporary look, but also impress with their resistance to corrosion and value retention over many years; and that light-footedly.

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