Fast charging station at ALDI

One full charge, please, and the asparagus.

Where politics still partially fails, big companies have already stepped in: e-mobility enjoys increasingly high priority in everyday life and that’s exactly what companies like ALDI recognise. Their new concepts increase the interest in e-mobility and promote infrastructure. But how?

Quite simply: Anyone who shops today with his/her e-bike will be rewarded for their sporting activity and protecting the environment and can look forward to free electricity. Bicycle parking systems with integrated charging function for e-bike and pedelec batteries are now available at many discounters.

The infrastructure is crucial when it comes to e-mobility. As soon as there are more options than the domestic power socket to charge the bike, its attractiveness also automatically increases. This phenomenon can also be observed in the – admittedly still few – electric cars on Germany’s roads. It was not until more and more petrol stations decided to gradually introduce e-charging stations that the number of e-cars registered as a whole rose more or less noticeably.

The fast charging stations of, for example, ALDI can be used easily and without annoying login. The bike is connected to the electricity via its own charging cable. Once connected to the power, the battery charges during shopping – but never for more than an hour.

On the road with the e-bike
Fast charging stations from WSM as added value for the customer promote e-mobility.


To ensure that everything is really “green”, the electricity is generated by the photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs. A commendable development. The charging stations mentioned can be found at about 50 locations, initially only in metropolitan areas, including Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Thus, ALDI would like to strengthen its “contribution to the energy revolution […] and further promote electric mobility in Germany”

Such action by major discount chains is exemplary and an important step in the right direction.

Admittedly, to make cycling even more attractive, there is much more to do than introducing free charging stations. Yet, that not really is the responsibility of our local supermarket. Political decisions are still required for that.

Realise projects and save money!

Parking facilities for bicycles
are subsidised by up to 90 %.