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Outbuildings – business cards for every business

Even before a visitor enters the premises, he will be greeted by the friendly porter at the gate. It is usually the first employee and the first building the guest perceives. An inviting and clean appearance of staff and the outside area is therefore just as important as an architecturally consistent corporate design. Modular room solutions are ideal for this.

Reception and porter’s houses, shelters and coordination centres are important “outposts” of any enterprise. They should be more than just “heated cottages” and offer more than just a “roof over one´s head”. Outbuildings, however, are often neglected. Yet, in the process, it is reception buildings that provide the opportunity to convey the visitor a coherent first impression as a business card of the company. With custom, CD-compatible colour and high-quality materials they should represent the values and attributes of the company. The impression of a provisional solution, as often conveyed by self-made constructions or container buildings, should not even arise. Older buildings, too, can be detrimental to a company’s image.
Reception buildings manufactured in metal system construction meet these diverse requirements particularly well. Modularly manufactured, they can be perfectly adapted to any situation as well as existing architectural styles. This is realised through numerous possibilities to custom design facades, colours, windows or doors. Freely selectable floor plans allow the optimal use of existing or new installation areas. High quality materials and meticulous workmanship leave a good impression and guarantee a long service life.

Whether difficult installation conditions or special application: a flexible design and a detailed planning in coordination with the customer and his architect ensure the suitability of these buildings for almost any outdoor use. The integration of barriers and personal distribution systems is simple and straightforward. Fitting out is performed according to the individual wishes and needs of the customer. Larger objects are intelligently divided into several transportable prefabricated elements which only need to be assembled and bolted together. Multi-storey buildings are also feasible using this system.

In addition to reception installations, other functionally-specific buildings protecting against wind and weather are also part of the infrastructure of a site. Some of these are used to monitor courtyards, dumps, traffic routes or facilities. They, too, can be manufactured in modular design and are often easy to lift or transport with a forklift – capabilities that support flexible, needs-based planning and use.

Yet metal systems engineering can do even more: showcases provide important information. Shelters for smokers make uncomfortable smoking corners a thing of the past. Covered bicycle parking facilities protect employees’ valuable bicycles and e-bikes from snow and rain and can thus increase the acceptance of environmentally friendly and healthy employee mobility. A wide range of design options is available even for shelters and canopies.

In summary: from the representative reception installation to the protective canopy, metal systems engineering offers interesting and progressive solutions that impress with their flexibility and great freedom of design. Together they provide a harmonious impression. In this way, outbuildings in which form and function are optimally integrated become the perfect business card for every company.

Outbuildings are often neglected. Yet, it is reception buildings as a business card of the company that provide the opportunity to convey the visitor a coherent first impression.

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