Sales figures for bicycles in Germany in 2020

The German bicycle industry experienced a real boom in 2020. The sales figures for bicycles in Germany had already been rising steadily in the years before. However, the Corona pandemic again brought a whole new impetus to the industry.

Massive growth due to Corona pandemic

2020 was primarily influenced by the Corona pandemic. This applies not only to everyday life, but also to the global bicycle industry. Not only Germany, but the whole world witnessed substantial growth in sales and turnover figures. Nonetheless, growth of bicycle sales had already been dynamically increasing in recent years already. Both bicycles and e-bikes are enjoying ever-increasing popularity as they gain in importance as a means of transport. They offer active, environmentally friendly and at the same time affordable mobility. In addition, they offer the user a high degree of flexibility and independence, which is often not the case with other means of transport.

Furthermore, many people recognise the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. They choose increasingly to cycle and leave their cars parked at home instead. Last but not least, the trend is towards more physical activity in everyday life. All these factors have resulted in an upswing in the bicycle industry in recent years. With the Corona pandemic, however, there is another important influencing factor: both the bicycle and the e-bike offer infection-proof mobility in everyday life. They can be considered system-relevant and have become one of the most popular means of transport in 2020. Many Germans now use bicycles not only to get to work, but also for leisure. Demand therefore rose faster last year than in previous years. Simultaneously, the bicycle industry faced completely new and substantial challenges due to the pandemic. Disrupted supply chains, forced shop closures due to lockdowns and increased hygiene requirements also challenged the bicycle industry. Growing demands on processes coupled with rising demand shaped the bicycle industry in 2020.

German bicycle industry records over 5 million sales

A total of 5.04 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold in Germany in 2020. This is an increase of 16.9% compared to 2019, with e-bikes accounting for 38.7%. A total of 1.95 million e-bikes were thus sold in Germany. This also shows a significant increase compared to previous years. Sales of e-bikes increased by 43.4%. This trend can also be clearly seen in the turnover figures. The German bicycle industry was able to record a 60.9% increase in sales figures compared to the previous year. This corresponds to a turnover value of €6.44 billion. This figure refers to the pure sale of bicycles and e-bikes. If one adds to this turnover the turnover volume from the area of accessory articles across all sales channels, the turnover value is almost €10 billion. Exports also grew in 2020, to 1.57 million units, an increase of 7.9% over the previous year. The average sales price in 2020 was €1,279.

This average price is dominated by the high share of e-bikes. Here, too, exports have increased, as the industry was able to generate 15% more turnover than in the previous year. A total of 0.61 million e-bikes were exported. The total stock of bicycles and e-bikes in Germany was estimated at around 79.1 million units in 2020. 7.1 million of these bicycles are e-bikes. The absolute numbers increased in almost all model groups. Only non-electrically powered MTBs and Dutch sit-up-and-beg and touring bikes were excluded from these statistics. Of the e-bike sales figures, 35.5% are e-trekking, 30% e-MTB and 28% e-city/urban bikes. The number of cargo bikes accounted for 4%, while the share of racing bikes and fast e-bikes was 0.5% each. As in previous years, the model group e-MTB grew the most in 2020. Only the sales figures for children’s bikes and cargo bikes have not changed in relation to the previous year.

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