A bicycle carousel with adjusted bicycle wheels

A well-rounded matter: the new bike carousel from WSM

Companies, municipalities and landlords want to offer cyclists safe and comfortable parking spaces using the smallest possible space.

For this, we developed a new kind of bicycle carousel together with the Dutch engineering company Lo Minck Systems B.V. The “VeloUp!” parking system is rotatable around the mounting stand of the “Regensburg” hexagonal roof, so that up to 16 bicycles can be stored in a space-saving and rain-protected way and can be parked in and out from a single position.

A bicycle carousel with adjusted bicycle wheels. A bicycle is being adjusted.
Space-saving and elegant – the bicycle carousel from WSM makes it possible to easily park bicycles in a space-saving manner.

Bicycles, mountain bikes or pedelecs weighing up to 30 kg can be conveniently placed in a hanging position with the patented, maintenance-free parking system. Compared to horizontal parking systems, the result is about 40 percent of saved space. To park a bike safely, you just need to lift it slightly by the front wheel and hang the rim into a small holder that is attached to a supporting arm. The system does the rest by itself, moving the arm gently upwards to bring the bike into a safe, vertical position. To park it out, you only need to pull on the bicycle saddle.

Animation that shows how a bicycle is placed in the bicycle carousel
One hand movement is enough to bring the bike into the parking position. Thanks to the gas pressure spring even on heavy e-bikes.

For the innovative bicycle carousel, “VelowUp!” was combined with our “Regensburg” roofing system series. With a transparent roof made of 4 mm transparent Lexan, the bicycle parking system provides weather protection for up to 16 bicycles on a stand measuring just 3.5m in diameter. Energy-saving LED lighting is available as an equipment variant. To manage more bikes, “VelowUp!” can also be integrated into other canopies.

Realise projects and save money!

Parking facilities for bicycles
are subsidised by up to 90 %.