Roofing with two entrances and a partition wall

Heartfelt encounters

Grandparents, mothers and fathers. Those of them who require support are particularly affected by the Corona crisis – not only in terms of health. For weeks they have been suffering from having to live in isolation. Now the ban on visiting nursing and old people’s homes is being relaxed, simultaneously bringing new challenges with it.

Old people and nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and similar facilities are faced with the task of making visits possible for their residents and patients. These are permitted in a separate room, in gardens and outdoor areas. They must take the necessary hygienic protective measures (mouth-nose protection, hand disinfection, social distancing) and control their compliance as well as to register the contact data of the visitors. It is a mammoth task for the already heavily burdened health facilities to set up suitable meeting places at short notice.

As a permanent alternative to fabric pavilions, tents and other improvisations, we offer a shelter on the basis of the “Cologne” waiting room at short notice. A comfortable and barrier-free solution which is delivered fully assembled and unloaded directly at the right place with a truck crane.

The interior of the shelter system is divided in the middle by a transparent and speech-permeable partition wall which forms a physical barrier against infectious droplets exhaled by visitors or residents and patients. All surfaces can be easily and safely disinfected. Two benches are arranged so that a minimum distance of 2 m can be maintained at all times.

Side walls of single-pane safety glass protect the building against wind and rain, but allow barrier-free access on both sides and sufficient ventilation to further reduce the risk of infection. The transparent cladding makes it easier to supervise the building from the outside. The interior offers space for several people and is thus suitable for family contacts with more than two relatives, as far as this is permitted. In addition to safety, we have also taken comfort into consideration: a heating element and lighting make the stay pleasant even in bad weather.

Like almost every building of the “Cologne” type, this one, too, has an LGA type test ex works, which means that there is no need for costly static tests which usually have to be commissioned by the owner. The type test is designed for snow loads (Sk = 1.9 kN/m²). The meeting room requires a level 4.5 m x 2.5 m installation area. The solid, corrosion-protected welded construction can be easily transported to another installation location, even after years of use.

The shelter already used at the AWO senior citizens’ centre in Waldbröl can be delivered in three weeks as a series product for €5,999.00. Alternatively, the system can be rented for 36 months at the low price of €149/month.

Fact overview

  • Ready assembled shelter with pre-installed sneeze protection
  • More comfort through LED lighting and radiant heater
  • Type tested for high wind and snow loads
  • Deliverable at short notice (approx. three weeks)
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel construction, in neutral RAL 7016 (anthracite grey)
  • Modern wooden bench in both areas
  • Barrier-free access for wheelchair users and rollators
  • Easy to move/transport and can be used as a work break or smoker’s shelter

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