A top down view of a shelter with a green roof

A plus for people and nature

Create real added value for people and nature. Promote your positive and sustainable image in times of climate protection with the design protected GreenPlus roof greening system from WSM.

The system consists of modules that are easily and securely integrated into the trapezoidal profile sheet metal of our roofs. The modules consist of special tubs which are filled with resistant sedum plants. We supply products equipped with GreenPlus as a complete solution. You can be assured that all our constructions meet the highest static requirements.

Advantages of GreenPlus for you, the environment and people

Air purification
Green roofs bind fine dust and carbon dioxide (CO2) and break down carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and benzene from diesel and petrol exhaust gases.

Insulation effect
The green roof acts as a biological heat shield in summer and as a heat reservoir in winter.

Protection of the roof cladding
The foliage absorbs the solar radiation and thus protects the roof surface and increases its durability.

Storage of precipitation water
Rainwater is retained naturally by setting greywater surfaces free, leading to a relief of the sewage system and minimising the danger of flooding.

Noise reduction
Substrate and plants increase sound insulation because they do not reflect sound. Road, railway and aircraft noise are absorbed naturally.

High cost-effectiveness
GreenPlus really pays off, as the acquisition costs for the basic construction with higher roof load (70 kg/m2 additional weight) are comparatively very favourable.

A cross-section of the GreenPlus green roof system
The different layers of GreenPlus green roof are shown in this cross-section.


Completely from one source, completely green

WSM accompanies your green project from planning to transport. Upon delivery, you will receive the finished system complete with integrated roof greening. The roof is already 95 percent covered with growing plants for your immediate use. Furthermore, to ensure that your project is also completely ecologically sustainable, our plant modules are made of recyclable HDPE material and our transport protection is reusable.

We´ve thought everything through!

Our products are configured for deploying a green roof and therefore meet all the necessary static prerequirements.

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