Climate-neutral transport with GLS

Now we have it black and white, or better, in green on blue – our parcel shipping is also environmentally friendly! Between January and December 2020, we actively participated in the GLS Klima-Protect program and thus implemented our parcel shipping via General Logistics Systems Germany GmbH & Co. OHG climate-neutrally.

All climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions generated during the transport of our goods shipments are offset by investments in an externally certified forest protection and reforestation project (VCS/CCB standard). Furthermore, according to its own statements, GLS Germany conscientiously invests in the further reduction and avoidance of CO2 emissions as part of GLS KlimaProtect.

The measures are to include the use of 100 percent sustainably produced electricity at all German locations as well as the increased use of electric vehicles, the expansion of the charging infrastructure required for this, the establishment of micro depots in urban proximity and the expansion of photovoltaic installations. In this way, the CEP service provider aims to drive forward zero-emission delivery in German city centres.

Environmental protection according to proven standards

According to the non-profit environmental protection organisation Prima Klima e. V., the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) used by GLS currently dominates the market for voluntary CO2 compensation offers. More precisely, the focus of VCS is on offering serious calculation methods for CO2 balancing.

The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCB) certifies projects that make special contributions to community welfare and biodiversity and, according to Prima Klima, complements the VCS standard “perfectly.”

For more information on GLS KlimaProtect, visit the website at gls-group.com/DE/de/gls-informiert/klima-protect.

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