Proven a thousand times over: our classic bike rack

Not only is the Hoop Parker 2000 exceptionally stable, its functionality has proven itself thousands of times. Here you can park bicycles height-offset or double-sided on request to save valuable space. Parking space depth is approx. 1850 mm for single-sided parking, approx. 3200 mm for double-sided. With this model, bicycle parking facilities for the most common bicycle models can be set up quickly without assembly or concreting. The 2000 BF variant is available for wider bikes and can also be compatibly combined with the 2000. Ground anchors and mounting brackets are included.

  • Robust, corrosion-protected steel construction
  • Alternate high/low setting
  • Optional for single or double-sided access
  • Row/serial connection and ground mounting possible
  • Easy self-assembly

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