Innovative multi-parking system with protective hoops

With M-shaped parking hoops, bicycle wheels, axles and disc brakes can be particularly well protected. The Multi Parker 8000 does just that. The special design even allows the reverse parking of bikes with rear disc brakes, which predestines this parking system for use in bicycle sales rooms. To save valuable space, parking access is offset in height and double-sided on request. Parking space depth is approx. 1850 mm for single-sided access, approx. 3200 mm for double-sided. The Multi Parker 8000 is speedily delivered by parcel service and can be easily mounted on site. The colourful Harlekin variant is fun for children and is great for parking places in front of day care centres, playgrounds or ice cream parlours.

  • Robust, corrosion-protected steel construction
  • Innovative M-shaped parking hoops
  • Also for mountain bikes with up to 55 mm wide tyres
  • In multicoloured paint on request
  • Speedy, economical shipping

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