An elegant bicycle rest that sports clear contours

This bicycle rest sets a special accent: instead of round tubing, here 60 mm wide and 10 mm thick flat steel, bent into definitive right-angles is on the job. Whether urban design or a single architectural concept; the Safety Bicycle Rest 9700 is a pleasing eye-catcher. Like all our stanchion systems, this is also suitable for every type and size of bike. All design enthusiasts who have always been looking for a striking curved bicycle parking system simply opt for this design variant. It is also available with an additional knee-high crossbar on request. All models have a post extension of approx. 200 mm for optimal embedding or over-paving.

  • Stable steel construction of flat steel, 60 x 10 mm
  • Corrosion protected through hot-dip galvanising
  • Model 9800: additional knee-high crossbar
  • For setting in concrete, under paving or bolting down
  • Available in 850 or 1000 mm version

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