Bike garage BikeBox 3

The universal bicycle garage with style

Stylish bicycle garage made of sturdy sheet steel, protected against corrosion and retains its value. With single lever handle cylinder lock, adjustment rail and multi-purpose hook.

BikeBox 3 keeps wind and weather, thieves and vandals away from their bikes. The BikeBox 3 is of modular construction made of robust, corrosion-protected sheet steel and provides secure and convenient space for bicycles. The BikeBox 3 is ideal for schools, sports facilities, public authorities, companies, campsites, hotels and guesthouses, residential complexes, private households or bike & ride stations - wherever even high-quality bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes need to be parked safely for longer periods of time. A standard single-lever cylinder lock with 3-point locking protects against unauthorized access. The modular design enables the replacement of individual parts and allows the extension to in-line systems. Adjustment rail and multi-purpose hook.

  • Robust sheet steel construction, fully assembled
  • Corrosion-protected, stable value due to galvanization
  • Standard with single-lever cylinder lock
  • Modular design for replacement and expansion
  • Appealing design

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