Bicycle lean-to system GALAXY

Contemporary, highly functional bicycle parking system.

Self-standing, space-saving and injury-proof bicycle leaning system with anti-theft device, advertising sign option and prepared for row connection.

The GALAXY lean-to system stands by itself and does not require concrete and foundation work. Screw together, set up - done! If you want to create a lot of parking spaces, you'll get there quickly. Models 32-36 offer between four and twelve parking spaces, which are laid out on both sides to save space. Safety for the riders is provided by the injury-proof round tube construction without corners and edges; for the bicycles integrated steel eyelets to accommodate bicycle locks. GALAXY can be easily fixed to the ground and extended to almost infinite row systems. If required, an optional advertising sign can be integrated. Available in many RAL colors.

  • Self standing bolted tubular steel structure
  • Corrosion protected by galvanizing
  • Integrated fastening eyelets against theft
  • Prepared for series connection
  • Optional advertising signs can be used

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