TRUST bicycle leaning system

You can trust this bicycle parking.

Concreted in or doweled on: The TRUST bicycle leaning system provides a comfortable and safe parking space for all bicycles. Fast, cheap shipping.

Maximum comfort and great security against damage and theft is provided by the TRUST bicycle leaning system. The freely selectable distance mountable lean-to bars made of corrosion-protected 48 mm thick galvanized steel tube allow convenient parking of all types of bicycles . Leaned bikes can be completely attached to the bike frame through the integrated steel eyelets. As a stand-up system, TRUST allows you to realize your very own individual bicycle parking system in no time at all and to easily extend or remove the hangers at any time. Whether set in concrete or doweled on: In any case, the fast and inexpensive delivery by parcel service in recyclable packaging is also convincing.

  • Sturdy tubular steel construction, galvanized
  • For any size and type of bike
  • Optimized anti-theft protection through steel eyelets
  • For setting in concrete or doweling on
  • Fast, cheap shipping by parcel service

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