Stroller box

Strollers find their home here

Robust stroller box with arched roof in modular construction made of robust sheet steel, corrosion protected and of lasting value. With single-lever handle cylinder lock.

Wherever strollers have to be parked safely for long periods of time, this box made of robust, corrosion-protected sheet steel is used. Placed directly in front of the front door, at residential complexes, day-care centres or schools, at the entrance of clinics and authorities, prams can be parked here safely and conveniently. A standard single-lever handle cylinder lock protects against unauthorised access if required and can be operated without bending down. The modular design allows individual parts to be replaced and allows for expansion to in-line systems. The stroller box is powder-coated.

  • Robust sheet steel construction with gable roof
  • Corrosion-protected, stable value through galvanization
  • Single lever handle cylinder lock
  • Modular design for replacement and expansion

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