Free-standing hanging parker SPACER

Comfortable, free-standing hanging parking system for rooms.

Up to two bicycles each weighing 25 kg can be accommodated on this suspension park system. Easy installation between floor and ceiling without screws or dowels.

This comfortable, free-standing suspension park system can accommodate up to two bicycles. The system consists of a load-bearing, silver colour anodised aluminium telescopic rail, a large adjusting screw on the floor and two infinitely height-adjustable holders with plastic-coated hooks in RAL 3000 flame red signal colour. The holders each carry bicycles weighing up to 25 kg and have an adjustable angle of inclination that makes it easy to safely secure women's bicycles. The plastic coating reliably protects against scratches and dents. SPACER is variably suitable for room heights from 2050 to 2600 mm.

  • Aluminium telescopic rail, anodised
  • Plastic-coated holders with 25 kg load capacity each
  • Holder with adjustable tilt angle
  • Installation with floor-side locking screw
  • Variable for room heights from 2050 to 2600 mm

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Parking facilities for bicycles
are subsidised by up to 90 %.



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